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  1. The college Disciplinary Committee will function under the direct control of the Principal and will have the following functions.

  2. The committee will ensure disciplined behaviour by all the students as well as the other staff members.

  3. The heads of the respective Departments will be responsible for the overall discipline of the staff members.

  4. All the members of the committee will function as a team and not as independent entities and they also will not take any decision which may against the interests of either party.

  5. Depending upon the gravity of the act of indiscipline, matter may be investigated by further by the committee and suggest the type of Punishment to be awarded to the students.

  6. If the staff member’s explanation is convincing and prima facie it is proved that the staff is innocent, then the committee issue with the chairman’s remarks on the contrary if the staff member is trying to disown his fault, then the committee may subject the issue for further enquiry, findings and recommendations.

  7. Based on the findings and recommendations of the committee, the staff member may be meted out with the suggested punishment after obtaining the chairman’s approval

  8. The disciplinary committee will act with discretion while enquiring in to the incidents involving girl students and female members of the staff.

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