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Competency development cell.jpg
  1. The cell, identifies and updates the skill sets required by different career tracks, in respective field of engineering every year in consultation with the industry experts, eminent academicians, and researchers.

  2. The common skill such as Communication, Computer literacy, Coding required for all various career tracks irrespective of program specialization are identified. It is ensured that these skill sets are inculcated into the students during first and second year through addon courses, workshops and through our best practices.

  3. A diagnostic test is conducted at the end of second year to access the current level of competencies in the identified career track.

  4. Based on the test results, track specific training is planned and executed during rest of the semesters.

  5. If the student fails to attain desired level of competencies even after the training, the cell advises the student to join finishing school.

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